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Iconic London landmarks and English pubs…Lorelei, Heidi, Anneleis, Cassie & Ron’s first stop on their European tour!



Hop-on hop-off bus tour

Highly recommend the Hop-On Hop-Off buses in order to see a lot of city in a short amount of time.  Also great for handicapped and older people who don’t want to walk a lot. Many different companies start out at Trafalgar Square and you can get on any and pay a representative at the bus before you get on.  We visited most of the sites below from the bus.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament | Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour | London | England

One of the bus stops was Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

We visited Westminster Abbey and the church was beautiful!  We saw the Poet’s Corner and ancient kings’ burial sites.  The self-guided tour with the hand-held devices was very informative and helpful if you want to know more about any of the spaces in the Abbey.  Pretty much anywhere you go there is going to be a line, but you can buy tickets beforehand on their website.

Tower of London

Getting to the Tower of London was super simple on the hop-on hop-off bus, and you get to ride right over London Bridge.  We saw the famous ravens, the spot where many people were beheaded, and walked through the large collection of armory that England used over the centuries. I thought the coolest section was the full horse armor they had on display! And of course, you cannot go to the Tower without viewing the Crown Jewels – absolutely gorgeous. The ticket lines were not so bad here but security was.  If you have the option to not take a bag with you, you get through much quicker (this goes for many attractions in Europe).

Tower of London | Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour | London | England

Globe Theater

The Globe Theater was one of my favorite things we did in London, again using the handy bus drop off point, we easily got in and purchased tickets for the guided tour. This is unfortunately a recreation of the original theater; also not on its original site due to the first one being burned down by a cannon blast during a performance. The guides were very knowledgeable and the theater easily handicap accessible. The stage was set for a performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream and that added to the splendor.  If you have the chance to see a performance in the Globe, do it!

Globe Theater | Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour | London | England

Kings Cross Station/Platform 9 3/4

We just hopped on the tube and got off at Kings Cross Station. There is a shop at the platform if you want Harry Potter souvenirs. There was a line to get your picture taken with a half disappeared trolley; I think it was around £20. Afterwards we went across the street to the German Gymnasium and enjoyed some sunlight and pints on their patio.  Worth checking out if you’re in that area.


Overall, in my opinion, food in London was not the best. I do love Egg and Cress sandwiches from the shops – they’re usually really cheap and delicious. And you must get tea!

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is the oldest pub in the city and it was so cool.  The interior was a lot of different levels and they have a basement. The building was built after the Great Fire in 1666. The food was probably one of the better places – the mac and cheese was to die for!

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese | Oldest Pub | London | England


Hotel Ibis

We were at a Hotel Ibis near the city center and only a few blocks from an underground station, which is key to getting around London. The Ibis is a standard chain in Europe; it’s clean and efficient. The rooms are kind of small compared to American standards but you really don’t care when you’re dog-tired after a whole day of walking around.


London has an amazing underground system and the Hop-On Hop-Off bus was again, very nice. We took a cab one day as well, which wasn’t that bad as far as price, but it’s harder with a larger group of people. My family is 5 and the cabs can usually only take about 3-4 so we always had to get 2.

London Travel Tips:

Weather – The summer is probably the best time for London.  We went in May and it was still a little chilly and we needed a rain jacket. Always bring an umbrella!

Healthcare – Healthcare was free even for foreigners.  Unfortunately we learned this the hard way with an impromptu visit to the hospital as my sister was not looking the right way when crossing the street and her foot was run over by a cab! Thanks to the National Health System, her x-ray and crutches were completely free.

Voltage – You do need a voltage converter but their plugs are different than in the rest of the European countries so make sure it’s the right one. If you are married to a curling iron or straightener, just buy one in the country you go to. My sister brought hers from home and it stopped working the first day.

Technology – We found that paying for the international texting for our family was very helpful, but there is wifi almost everywhere. One of the best things my mom did was get us 1) a selfie stick (don’t judge!) and 2) a small battery pack that we were able to recharge our phones while we were out and about because we mostly used our phones for our photos!

Tipping – You don’t really have to tip unless the service is exceptionally good. This is true for most European countries.

Language – They speak English and say ‘cheers’ to say ‘thank you’.

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